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I arrived here in LIMAperú 5 months ago to the day. It has been an amazing, cultural and beautiful experience so far.

I came here to Lima to study abroad and to live with my best friend, Daniel, and his amazing Peruvian family. This travel has been like nothing I have experienced before. Not only just visiting a different country and getting a taste of the culture and life, I’ve had the opportunity to live in the experience. Since I’ve been here, I’ve learned more than I could have ever imagined -or in any class- and seen amazing views and attractions. With my study abroad, I am attending la Universidad Ricardo Palma for a class on the culture and history of Peru and I am a student of ICPNA [Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano] for classes in intermediate Spanish. Needless to say, I’ve learned so much in the classes already and honestly, I believe that my Spanish and knowledge of Lima has progressed tremendously since I arrived.

I remember the first few weeks, and even months here, I kept telling myself that I wasn’t experienced enough to hold a conversation in Spanish and even that I was too embarrassed to get a word wrong or to make a fool of myself. Well since my classes and warming up to people here, I’ve learned that I will learn nothing if I don’t put yourself in the experience. I began to speak to my family and classmates, and I really believe that I’ve learned more than I would have in any American Spanish class. On a side note, you are never really taught the basics of a language when you are actually studying. You never learn what “Que rico” means or other very common sayings that you hear hundreds of times a day. Nevertheless, I’ve learned now some extra basics and I just need to put my fears aside, don’t think, and just talk!

My family here in Peru has been everything but strangers to me. The moment I arrived at the airport I was welcomed with big, embracing hugs and immediately felt like a part of the family. I’m sure I’ve caused some minor problems, especially with the amount of food needed to buy or the lack of comfortable space in the family car, but it seems as if they’ve dealt with small changes in order for a strange gringo to live with them for 8 months. I am very appreciative for the amount of love I’ve felt and for making me feel as if I have a second family. It also wouldn’t be a complete without the extended family! Getting together every Sunday really shows the respect and the love this family has for each other. We all laugh and eat and talk about things happening—sometimes it even reminds me of ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding,’ except Peruvian-style. Also, I believe that I’ve viewed my own family in a different light. I’ve grown up more independent than most but I still feel as if I need my family with me always and I love them beyond belief!

Since the very first week of arriving in LIMAperú, I’ve visited a lot of different, very interesting places. For my 21st birthday I was taken to La Punta, which is where the navy base is located and it was an amazing view from the restaurant El Mirador. I’ve also visited el Centro de Lima, Costa Verde, the ruins of Pachacamac, the Circuito Magico del Agua fountain park, El Parque de Las Leyendas Zoo, and so many other amazing places! It’s hard to put into words the feelings I’ve had at each of the place, but pictures help to get feel of the experience. I still have a couple more months in Peru, but I am not counting down one day at all. I want to enjoy this paradise and soak up all that I can [I’m already dreading the day that I have to return back to the States].

A Very Good Friend of Mine

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So, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated, and a lot has happened in the past months. Summer has been over for awhile. Fall has passed and now winter has creeped up. I’m finally twenty years old! Haha. School has also taken a different view when I changed my major the last day before Christmas break to dentistry. I’m really, really excited about my future plans, actually. But nonetheless, it’s been a few months and I’m not going to update my whole life.

But, recently a very, very good friend of mine, Daniel, came to visit from Perú. He’s a really cool guy and we had a lot of fun together! He only stayed one week in my hometown, Lansing, Michigan, but it felt like we’ve been friends forever. He came to America to do a surgical rotation for his future career of becoming a plastic surgeon and harelip reconstruction. I’ve heard about his surgeries and seen pictures and I know he will be very successful with what he wants to do. We mostly toured around Lansing, and he got to meet a lot of my friends here at home (I hope he had fun–haha). Anyway, Daniel will return to Chicago where we will get to tour around for a few weeks. I’m really excited to be able to relax and just enjoy Chicago again. Also, in those few weeks, we will be going to New York City!! I have only been to New York City once in my life, and it was only to drive through Time Square and see the Statue of Liberty for about 20 minutes. But, this time we will be touring all of New York for a complete weekend! Woohoo. I know that the next couple of weeks will be the best of the semester. I’ll update again after we take pictures and I have better stories to tell (:

Awesome Day

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Well I figured I’d write a blog today since it was an amazing day! haha First, I woke up late—which sucked—because I had to go to math at 8 in the morning. Aaaand I’m not a huge fan of math, but from our last test we took, I was pretty sure I bombed it!! …when I got my test back today, from before spring break, I slowly looked through all of the pages looking at all the red marks everywhere and the x’s. I was kind of embarrassed cause I knew the guy sitting next to me was glancing at my paper..but then I got to the end of my test where the score was and I saw 80/100. I was like “WTH??!” I was soo happy about that, and I was freaking surprised at the same time. So for the rest of the class we just talked about the test and never got to the homework that will be due in a couple days 🙂

The next thing I did, after math, was head over to the financial aid building because the loan I took out for school in the beginning of the year has “gone through” but, for some odd reason, I don’t have any money from it. Anyway, I went to the building and they told me that the loan was indeed ‘not complete,’ but all I had to do was fill out this survey-thing and that would be it.. I’m just thinking “aweeeesome!” …I got moneeey in the bank!

What else? Well, then I had to go to communications class…oh fun…….and my teacher is like “we are going to have class outside today…” (I’m not complaining..) and all we did outside was do mini-impromptu’s with a partner on body language…nothing hard. And we got out of class 45 minutes early…woohoo!! And I had missed a few (or more) quizzes in my communications class, so I talked to my teacher about it and she is letting me re-take them…WOOHOO!

Aaand, on top of the already-awesome-freaking day, my roommate comes in and says “we don’t have to go to chapel for the rest of the week ‘cause they are not taking attendance” ….once again, I’m not complaining 🙂 and because of this, I do not have to wake up until at least 2:45 for the rest of the week.

And then because it was close to 70 degrees today in the ‘windy city’ my friends and I ate outside in the gazebo. It was pretty cool, seeing as it was pouring rain a few days ago, and I started to forget about how summer felt.

But, before we ate dinner, my bff Samantha “jack daniels” went for a little run outside on the track……never again, Sam! Hahaah I haven’t ran for a week, and it sucked….  hahah

Also, I made a new buddy doesn’t have a name..but I found him from afar. When my friend Alli ran over to see it, he crawled into a drainage curb(?) but we gotta picture of him…I thought that he wanted to be friends, but Alli informed me that the hissing did not mean that he wanted to be friends :\


And here I am now, writing this blog outside—when it was warmer and sunnier—with my other bff Maggle-tits. Sitting outside in the lawn in front of our business building…oh this is the life! Hahaha (not really)
And a guy just yelled “Get off the grass, hippies!” hahaha and Magda is talking in some random language she likes to call “Polish” with her mother, I’m guessing.

*Pause to use the pisser*

And tonight, I’m going to hang out with my sexy friends, Freddy and Michael, to watch some random movie that I’ve never heard of…? 

But, all-in-all, this has been one of the best days I’ve had here in a long time. 🙂 And I might as well just enjoy it while it lasts..

ICH LIEBE HEUTE!! I realize that this is very random, and all over the place, but……oh well.
And I’m just gonna throw in a random picture of the river in Chicago that gets turned green for St. Patrick’s Day…


Mi Obsesión

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So, I looked up the definition of ‘obsession’ before I wrote this blog and this is what I got:

 [ob·ses·sion] – An idea or feeling that completely occupies the mind

Jessica Simpson

Hmm…well I’ve been told multiple times that I’ve been obsessed with a certain individual—sometimes in love.  I wouldn’t say that this individual completely occupies my mind, but I do think about her often. It’s not in a creepy, I-want-to-marry-this-person type of thing; I just think she’s very beautiful…and amazing…and is awesome…and very talented (no matter what anyone says). But don’t get me wrong, I’m not a stalker…in any way!

…So I have a shrine of this person posted on my wall right next to me so that I can look at her every time I walk into my room. My friends have realized this obsession and given me pictures so that I can post them and/or have just made fun of me for it. But, a couple of months ago my dream of seeing her became reality. I looked on her website and saw that she was coming to Chicago to promote her perfume. I had to look twice at what I just read. Ok…JESSICA SIMPSON…12/6….Chicago??! The first thing I did at that moment was texted my sister (who, believe it or not, loves Jessica Simpson more than I do). She asked for all the information but was a little “iffy” on whether or not to drive 4 hours to Chicago or not. BUUT, I was totally up for it, so I asked my best buddies to come conmigo. So my sister ended up coming with one of her friends and woke up at 3AM just to make her way to Chicago…CRAZY! But to make things better, it was like the crappiest day in Chicago—freezing cold, slush everywhere, bitter cold wind, and we went to the wrong Macy’s to see her. So we had to run, literally run, from uptown Chicago back to the train station, where the Macy’s was RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET!

Running through Chi-town

So by then we were hot, sweaty, and tired but we still got to the place where we were supposed to be. There was Jessica Simpson everywhere—pictures, clothing, pictures, perfume (ahh delicious perfume), and pictures—she was everywhere. I loved it. So we finally found the line where Jessica would be signing autographs, and it literally dragged through the whole store. So we left our sister (since she was the only one who could meet her) and we started to walk around.


All of a sudden I heard yelling…………Jessica had been spotted! I literally turned beat red and my heart started to race. It was amazing. So my friend and I jumped on the escalator with the rest of the crowd pushing through and we got to see her from above. [Awesome] But anyway….about an hour later my sister got her autograph and got to talk a little with Jessica, which was kind of cool. That was my “encounter” with Jessica. Whew.


Since then, I’d say that that life goal has been reached. I’d always ask myself “what would I do if I was in the same city as Jessica? the same building? …what if I met her??!” hahahahaha I know..  :\ Well now I kind of know, and now I wish that I would have done something, like yelled or ran up past security and hugged her, or put a bag over her face and kidnap her………you know…all the “what if’s.” (….wait, whaaat?)

Well, I should be doing homework now since it’s 12:35AM…here I am writing about my future girlfriend  Jessica Simpson. Jeeze, what a true fan am I :\ hahaa well…

gute Nacht.

I’m thinking….of nothing clever

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Hey [to whoever is bored enough to read this],

So, for the past couple of days I’ve been just reading random blogs from random people, which is very weird for me considering the fact that I hate reading…and also the fact that I hate writing. This is my first blog, obviously, so I really have nothing to write about…thereforeeee I will write about myself. 🙂

I’m probably considered to have one of the most boring lives in the world–yes Zac, me! I grew up in one of the smallest towns in the middle of Michigan where my friends and I had to drive about a half hour in order to do anything to amuse ourselves. I graduated with one of the largest classes of about….oh, lets round up for fun and say 200 people and from then on I was always talking about getting out of that small-town-feel and moving to Chicago or San Diego. I’ve always wanted to live in a bigger city-type atmosphere where the whole entire [town] didn’t know your every move and knew all about your business, or whether or not you went to the grocery store that day or if you passed somebody on the road and you didn’t honk or wave…gah! hahaa Well this all started when I was probably in seventh grade in middle school and when asked “what did you want to do with your life after you graduated” I just simply though of the fact that I wanted to be rich and famous. This probably sounds really girly and everyone was like “yeahhhh…” or “how are you going to do that??!” but I didn’t really care, I think it was just the fact that I wanted to get out of Where-is-that, Michigan. :\ …But to at least give myself credit for something I’ve accomplished in life…I did get out of that town, aaaaand moved to another small town in Illinois where the Wal-Mart in town is located across from a huge factory and covered in farming fields. Although I feel, at times, that I have not progressed in my life, I honestly feel that anyplace is better than Michigan. No matter how much I talk bad about this small university, I love it. I love the people here and the fact that I can get a $5 ticket round-trip to Chicago whenever I want is awesome. I love Chicago. I can definitely see myself living here (if not in a foreign country). Speaking of foreign country, when I came to school here I quickly found out that they don’t have a “Celebrity Status” major. :\ haha But I’m pretty content with the major that I chose which is international business and Spanish. I still have no idea what I would be doing with this major, but I figured I’d just come to college to major in business, but to me, international business seems a-freaking-lot better. haha (yeah, I realize that didn’t make any sense…) So, I feel like I’m just rambling on A LOT now, with nothing else to write about…and hopefully [you] have even gotten to this part and you haven’t fallen asleep yet. But I guess if there’s anything else you’d like to know about me OR if anything I just wrote doesn’t make sense to you please comment/Gimme More feedback 🙂

P.S. And yes, Zac did give me the motivation to write this, and he is awesome, and I just want to be like him and copy everything he does haha

El fin.

Africa; Namibia [nuh-mib-ee-uh] (Angelina Jolie’s favorite place)

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I realize that I just posted about how boring my life was about an hour ago, but I was looking through my facebook and I came across a picture that makes me remember why I love Africa so much!



This past summer, I was able to go to Africa with my church back in Michigan. It was one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever taken. You usually hear how people go on Work & Witness trips and they come back and it changes their lives drastically. Well, I wouldn’t necessarily say that my life changed drastically or that I went home and sold everything I had because I feel bad for the Africans (I’m talking about selling my belongings, not about feeling sorry for those who are less fortunate). But the people that I met there, in Namibia, Africa, impacted me the most. It was a culture shock just to go to a town and children run up to you and embrace you with their families. I like the fact that even though they don’t have iPods, DVDs, cars, cell phones, etc. they are content with their lives because that’s the only way that they know of. I’m sure they would love to have those things, but because they don’t get distracted by all of these things the rest of the world has they can live life happy living day by day with their families. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Americans, for example, aren’t happy–I like my iPod, my car, and all the rest of my electronics and what-not–but I have grown up having these things in my life, and not being able to have a cell phone attached to our ear…some people would go crazy. That’s off the topic, though. hahaa Africa… so being in Namibia was amazing. I would highly recommend going there to experience the tribes and different people there.

africa namibia


It’s really difficult to put into words the experience somebody has in Africa (and not only in Africa, but anywhere you visit). You can’t describe to somebody the encounters you had or the people you met, the places you saw or how a place could impact you so much. I guess the only way to put it is that Namibia impacted my life by the people I met, alone. I wish that I lived in the type of society where I just relied on the “important” things in life, rather than worrying about the “materialistic lives.”