Africa; Namibia [nuh-mib-ee-uh] (Angelina Jolie’s favorite place)

I realize that I just posted about how boring my life was about an hour ago, but I was looking through my facebook and I came across a picture that makes me remember why I love Africa so much!



This past summer, I was able to go to Africa with my church back in Michigan. It was one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever taken. You usually hear how people go on Work & Witness trips and they come back and it changes their lives drastically. Well, I wouldn’t necessarily say that my life changed drastically or that I went home and sold everything I had because I feel bad for the Africans (I’m talking about selling my belongings, not about feeling sorry for those who are less fortunate). But the people that I met there, in Namibia, Africa, impacted me the most. It was a culture shock just to go to a town and children run up to you and embrace you with their families. I like the fact that even though they don’t have iPods, DVDs, cars, cell phones, etc. they are content with their lives because that’s the only way that they know of. I’m sure they would love to have those things, but because they don’t get distracted by all of these things the rest of the world has they can live life happy living day by day with their families. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Americans, for example, aren’t happy–I like my iPod, my car, and all the rest of my electronics and what-not–but I have grown up having these things in my life, and not being able to have a cell phone attached to our ear…some people would go crazy. That’s off the topic, though. hahaa Africa… so being in Namibia was amazing. I would highly recommend going there to experience the tribes and different people there.

africa namibia


It’s really difficult to put into words the experience somebody has in Africa (and not only in Africa, but anywhere you visit). You can’t describe to somebody the encounters you had or the people you met, the places you saw or how a place could impact you so much. I guess the only way to put it is that Namibia impacted my life by the people I met, alone. I wish that I lived in the type of society where I just relied on the “important” things in life, rather than worrying about the “materialistic lives.”


~ by bankedup on March 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Africa; Namibia [nuh-mib-ee-uh] (Angelina Jolie’s favorite place)”

  1. Doug man, I agree with your last paragraph… It was probably really difficult for you to write about what happened during your time in Africa, because — unless youre a really freakin’ good writer — words dont do justice.
    I smile every time I look at these pictures, and it has been more than once! I’m extremely glad and happy for yout hat you had that chance and experience, and I hope you can go back again.

  2. DEF this is my favorite one….wauw…and how right u are….resumes all….what an amazing experience you got over there…maybe, not everyone could have the opportunity or even the possibility to experience that trip but for sure anyone who read this article would get your message….materialistic live…sucks….we should enjoy more of our families and the things we have…and we have to be thanked for all that we have…thanks for sharing this with us dude, i really enjoy to read it

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