I’m thinking….of nothing clever


Hey [to whoever is bored enough to read this],

So, for the past couple of days I’ve been just reading random blogs from random people, which is very weird for me considering the fact that I hate reading…and also the fact that I hate writing. This is my first blog, obviously, so I really have nothing to write about…thereforeeee I will write about myself. 🙂

I’m probably considered to have one of the most boring lives in the world–yes Zac, me! I grew up in one of the smallest towns in the middle of Michigan where my friends and I had to drive about a half hour in order to do anything to amuse ourselves. I graduated with one of the largest classes of about….oh, lets round up for fun and say 200 people and from then on I was always talking about getting out of that small-town-feel and moving to Chicago or San Diego. I’ve always wanted to live in a bigger city-type atmosphere where the whole entire [town] didn’t know your every move and knew all about your business, or whether or not you went to the grocery store that day or if you passed somebody on the road and you didn’t honk or wave…gah! hahaa Well this all started when I was probably in seventh grade in middle school and when asked “what did you want to do with your life after you graduated” I just simply though of the fact that I wanted to be rich and famous. This probably sounds really girly and everyone was like “yeahhhh…” or “how are you going to do that??!” but I didn’t really care, I think it was just the fact that I wanted to get out of Where-is-that, Michigan. :\ …But to at least give myself credit for something I’ve accomplished in life…I did get out of that town, aaaaand moved to another small town in Illinois where the Wal-Mart in town is located across from a huge factory and covered in farming fields. Although I feel, at times, that I have not progressed in my life, I honestly feel that anyplace is better than Michigan. No matter how much I talk bad about this small university, I love it. I love the people here and the fact that I can get a $5 ticket round-trip to Chicago whenever I want is awesome. I love Chicago. I can definitely see myself living here (if not in a foreign country). Speaking of foreign country, when I came to school here I quickly found out that they don’t have a “Celebrity Status” major. :\ haha But I’m pretty content with the major that I chose which is international business and Spanish. I still have no idea what I would be doing with this major, but I figured I’d just come to college to major in business, but to me, international business seems a-freaking-lot better. haha (yeah, I realize that didn’t make any sense…) So, I feel like I’m just rambling on A LOT now, with nothing else to write about…and hopefully [you] have even gotten to this part and you haven’t fallen asleep yet. But I guess if there’s anything else you’d like to know about me OR if anything I just wrote doesn’t make sense to you please comment/Gimme More feedback 🙂

P.S. And yes, Zac did give me the motivation to write this, and he is awesome, and I just want to be like him and copy everything he does haha

El fin.


~ by bankedup on March 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “I’m thinking….of nothing clever”

  1. speaking of Chicago, we haven’t been there in a while. This needs to change SOON!

  2. nerd.

  3. copy-cat! nah, man, that was a great read… makes me wanna come out to chicago… Was not boring at all, and lemme tell you, i am dead tired right now, and I didn’t even yawn once during that read!

  4. You are really good writer….i didn’t know that before…thats cool…i don’t like to read so much but i couldn’t take my eyes away from your story….excellent my friend….keep doing this

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