Mi Obsesión

So, I looked up the definition of ‘obsession’ before I wrote this blog and this is what I got:

 [ob·ses·sion] – An idea or feeling that completely occupies the mind

Jessica Simpson

Hmm…well I’ve been told multiple times that I’ve been obsessed with a certain individual—sometimes in love.  I wouldn’t say that this individual completely occupies my mind, but I do think about her often. It’s not in a creepy, I-want-to-marry-this-person type of thing; I just think she’s very beautiful…and amazing…and is awesome…and very talented (no matter what anyone says). But don’t get me wrong, I’m not a stalker…in any way!

…So I have a shrine of this person posted on my wall right next to me so that I can look at her every time I walk into my room. My friends have realized this obsession and given me pictures so that I can post them and/or have just made fun of me for it. But, a couple of months ago my dream of seeing her became reality. I looked on her website and saw that she was coming to Chicago to promote her perfume. I had to look twice at what I just read. Ok…JESSICA SIMPSON…12/6….Chicago??! The first thing I did at that moment was texted my sister (who, believe it or not, loves Jessica Simpson more than I do). She asked for all the information but was a little “iffy” on whether or not to drive 4 hours to Chicago or not. BUUT, I was totally up for it, so I asked my best buddies to come conmigo. So my sister ended up coming with one of her friends and woke up at 3AM just to make her way to Chicago…CRAZY! But to make things better, it was like the crappiest day in Chicago—freezing cold, slush everywhere, bitter cold wind, and we went to the wrong Macy’s to see her. So we had to run, literally run, from uptown Chicago back to the train station, where the Macy’s was RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET!

Running through Chi-town

So by then we were hot, sweaty, and tired but we still got to the place where we were supposed to be. There was Jessica Simpson everywhere—pictures, clothing, pictures, perfume (ahh delicious perfume), and pictures—she was everywhere. I loved it. So we finally found the line where Jessica would be signing autographs, and it literally dragged through the whole store. So we left our sister (since she was the only one who could meet her) and we started to walk around.


All of a sudden I heard yelling…………Jessica had been spotted! I literally turned beat red and my heart started to race. It was amazing. So my friend and I jumped on the escalator with the rest of the crowd pushing through and we got to see her from above. [Awesome] But anyway….about an hour later my sister got her autograph and got to talk a little with Jessica, which was kind of cool. That was my “encounter” with Jessica. Whew.


Since then, I’d say that that life goal has been reached. I’d always ask myself “what would I do if I was in the same city as Jessica? the same building? …what if I met her??!” hahahahaha I know..  :\ Well now I kind of know, and now I wish that I would have done something, like yelled or ran up past security and hugged her, or put a bag over her face and kidnap her………you know…all the “what if’s.” (….wait, whaaat?)

Well, I should be doing homework now since it’s 12:35AM…here I am writing about my future girlfriend  Jessica Simpson. Jeeze, what a true fan am I :\ hahaa well…

gute Nacht.


~ by bankedup on March 4, 2009.

6 Responses to “Mi Obsesión”

  1. why was your sister the only one who could meet her?

  2. Because in order to get an autograph you had to buy her gift package..which was her perfume, and you got one of her purses “for free,” and you got a picture that you could have her sign…all for the low price of $80!
    ..aaand I didn’t really feel like buying this gift package, and seeing her was enough 😉

  3. if it was such a low price, then why didn’t you buy the perfume, you could have given it to me. 🙂 lol
    I had a lot of fun that day, too bad the weather was terrible.
    we literally went on the escalator like 20 times lol

  4. Hahaha and although you hate her, I’m glad you and Corrie went with me! It was awesome. And btw, I was being sarcastic about the cost… 😉

  5. Just three words for you Doug….YOU-ARE-CRAZY ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ it was so good that you reached your goal….but…. jessica simpson….jeeze hahahaha

  6. ps. she’s fat now.

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