A Very Good Friend of Mine

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated, and a lot has happened in the past months. Summer has been over for awhile. Fall has passed and now winter has creeped up. I’m finally twenty years old! Haha. School has also taken a different view when I changed my major the last day before Christmas break to dentistry. I’m really, really excited about my future plans, actually. But nonetheless, it’s been a few months and I’m not going to update my whole life.

But, recently a very, very good friend of mine, Daniel, came to visit from Perú. He’s a really cool guy and we had a lot of fun together! He only stayed one week in my hometown, Lansing, Michigan, but it felt like we’ve been friends forever. He came to America to do a surgical rotation for his future career of becoming a plastic surgeon and harelip reconstruction. I’ve heard about his surgeries and seen pictures and I know he will be very successful with what he wants to do. We mostly toured around Lansing, and he got to meet a lot of my friends here at home (I hope he had fun–haha). Anyway, Daniel will return to Chicago where we will get to tour around for a few weeks. I’m really excited to be able to relax and just enjoy Chicago again. Also, in those few weeks, we will be going to New York City!! I have only been to New York City once in my life, and it was only to drive through Time Square and see the Statue of Liberty for about 20 minutes. But, this time we will be touring all of New York for a complete weekend! Woohoo. I know that the next couple of weeks will be the best of the semester. I’ll update again after we take pictures and I have better stories to tell (:


~ by bankedup on January 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “A Very Good Friend of Mine”

  1. Heyyyyyyyyyyyy 🙂 im here at Albuquerque, NM making my rotation at the Univeristy of New Mexico Hospital with the burn and trauma team 🙂 these passed 3 weeks have been intense…so many patients, so many surgeries….so many traumas, but….everything its working sooooo well….also…i’ve been making skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and visiting so many pretty places here in NM and meeting so amazing people…..So, the latest new is that i’ve been accepted in the University of Illinois at Chicago in the Plastic Surgery department to make a clerkship on this July yaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ….. this trip is giving me soooooooooooo many amazing things, but you know….to have a friend like you is amazing….you are awesome and an incredible human been and actually my best friend now :)…so my friend…this stories and adventures are just starting…wait for me..Ill be there in just 13 days 🙂

  2. Hey, I hope Albuquerque has been amazing!!!
    I can’t wait until you come in July–summer is even better!! hahah ..and you will be in Chicago which is an amazing cityy!
    btw, you are coming in 10 days…..woohooooo!! hahaha see you then! have fun in albuquerque aaaand washington DC 😛

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